Organic vegetables and fruits

Cultivate the land is the exercise of a family passion, that of Bivona family, handed down from generation to generation. We firmly believe that each plant from our farms proudly represents a part of ourselves, our history and the love that binds us forever in our environment. For all these reasons, among us, quality is foremost a love token.
We cultivate and export and package our fruits and vegetables throughout Europe. We collaborate with other organic farmers throughout the Italian territory.
Our products are subject to control from seed to harvest. The goodness of our land, located between the sea and the mountains provide a taste speciality our fruits and vegetables.

Our operations are located in Sicily, in the province of Trapani.

Feelorganic starts the export of fruits and vegetables in 2008 under the name Biomonde. Since then, 15 organic farmers have embraced the project of production and export established in accordance with the specifications of the company. hence the name of the company "feelorganic" in accordance with its enlargement and organic design as a philosophy of life.


With some of our clients we enter into contracts to supply fruit and vegetables selected by them. We take care to cultivate them according to a specific program that we put in place to ensure our customers continuity of supply. This is for example the case of tomatoes, courgettes, kiwi, apples, pears ...


feelorganic comply with the wishes of the customers according to the Incoterms of their choice. We work with three companies of transport (temperature controlled), which have proven themselves in terms of punctuality and professionalism.

In a word, contact feelorganic is a guarantee of quality and loyalty.